Fixed Assets Management Software

control and track any organization's asset , centralize listing and proper depreciation processes

Tracking and depreciation

Multi Users

Credit or debit transactions

Grouping by location branch

ISL F.A.C.T.S Application


Our FACTS software application was written to allow an easy way to control and track any organization's asset base with regards to centralizing a complete listing and also to provide a very quick and reliable way to maintain proper depreciation processes as required by standard accounting principles. The application contemplates fixed user defined parameters that reflect company policies which govern capitalization, financial year and grouped or segregated asset classification requirements. Application is written in Visual Basic and employs a Windows based Graphical User Interface with a MS Access database engine. FACTS support multi user capabilities with 2 communication architectures, a Stand Alone installation or a Client Server installation.

FACTS - Fixed Assets Control & Tracking System offers the following features and benefits:

  • Tracking and depreciation policies for assets in both the "Straight-line" and "Declining" methods of depreciation.
  • Classification of assets by asset type with related depreciation rates/life by asset class.
  • Grouping of assets by location branch as well as department.
  • Asset Removal & Acquisition capabilities included to allow acquiring an asset with history of depreciations to be added to asset base.
  • Capability to post credit or debit transactions to assets in order to account for enhancements to or detractions from assets as in the case of computers in which bigger hard drives may be added for example.
  • Printing of asset ID labels.
  • Comprehensive Backup and Restore Procedures.
  • Comprehensive Reporting, including Full Assets Listing, Assets Listing by Branch/ Department, Individual Asset Journal.
  • User Access Security module with Audit Tracking System.
  • Electronic User Guide.

FACTS Pricing Information:

Software (Stand Alone Version) $300.00 (1 Company / Seat License)
Software (Client/Server Version) $300.00 (Includes 1 Server & 1 Client License)
Software Installation and Setup Free (Included in Basic Price)
Employee Training Free (Operation manual provided)
Additional Seat License Free (Applicable to Client/Server version only)
After Sales Support $50.00 / Month - Payable at the beginning of each Quarter.
** All prices exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes.