HR PayCheck

ISL HR & PayCheck Management Software built on the legal framework of Belize with Social Security & Labour policies.


ISL HR-PayCheck Management Software

historical data tracking

Report Generation


Multi Bank Support

The HR component of the HR Paycheck System streamlines human resources functions from inception as prospective employees (employment applications) to hiring as full employees and finally end-of- employment or retirement. The system records the selection process, basic demographic and vital data, training and development, capabilities and skills management and other related activities like employee appraisal, attendance and vacation tracking among others.


HR PayCheck - Accurate, Compliant, Affordable!

  • User defined and easily managed systemparameters
  • User friendly management of employee personal and financial records
  • Multi-user support with Security Administration module which allows full management of system users
  • Multi-companysupport
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-pay frequency support
  • Multi-bank support
  • Support for Salary Advances & Employee Loans Tracking
  • Generation of required regulatory reports and electronic transaction processing files
  • Compliant with Belize's Labor, Social Security and PAYE tax laws and regulations


Designed to allow easy management of employee salaries, taxes, Social Security and other deductions with practical payment options and historical data tracking, HR Paycheck makes processing employee payrolls fast and easy by the click of a button. Multiple reports including Department Payroll Report, Employee Pay Slips, Employee Transactions Report, Payroll Cash Breakdown Report, Yearly TD4 Income Tax Return, Monthly Statement of Social Security Contributions, Monthly PAYE Return as well as Annual Accumulator Reports, can be generated for quick view and/or documentation purposes. Furthermore, HR PayCheck is compliant with the payroll processing Laws of Belize related to PAYE Taxes as well as Social Security Contribution calculations and reporting. Other features include Multi Company Support, allowing payroll processing for multiple companies in one application; Multi Pay Frequency Support, allowing payroll processing for different pay periods for different employees; as well as Multi Bank Support, generating electronic payroll transaction files and Social Security Contribution files in formats required by Belize's Social Security Board and all banks. The application's Multi- Currency support is another attractive feature which allows for employees to be paid in the currency of their preference as authorized by their employers. To facilitate employee relations, HR Paycheck allows processing of Salary Advances and Employee Loans with installment tracking.

HR PayCheck is Human Resource software developed specifically for Belizean businesses ranging from small single company to large multi company businesses. This system provides HR and Payroll management of employees from job application to retirement focusing on key features such as: attendance and vacation tracking, qualifications and ongoing training tracking, employee evaluations and salary history, electronic archiving of relevant supporting documents and full payroll processing, all compliant with Belize's local Labor, Social Security and Income Tax laws and regulations.

The automatic generation of all required regulatory reports and electronic online banking transaction processing files are additional features which ensure more accurate and less time consuming HR and Payroll processes.

HR PayCheck Payroll Module offers the following features and benefits

  • User defined and easily configurable systemparameters
  • Quick add/view/edit of employee personal and financial data
  • Multi-user support with User Administration tool which allows full maintenance of application user tables
  • Multi-companysupport
  • Multi-pay frequency support
  • Multi-bank support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Comprehensive Backup and Restore Procedures
  • Comprehensive Reporting, including General Payroll Report, Employee Pay Slips, Employee
  • Transactions/Deductions Report, Yearly TD, Monthly Statement of Social Security Contributions, and Annual Accumulators Report
  • Electronic payroll transaction files for specific bank.
  • On-Call Pay Rates (multiple pay rates within one payperiod)

Intelligent Solutions is proud to present HR PayCheck to the business community in Belize and invites customer feedback in order to maintain its leadership in providing Belize with the most practical, innovative, intelligent software solutions.