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RDA offers a diversified range of conventional yet professional software development services based on proven methodologies and practices to industry leaders, both large and small. Our years of experience to deliver quality driven software and web solutions has helped us to earn a name which speaks for its realistic approach.

We bring all our expertise and domain knowledge in software applications and web development. With our in-depth knowledge it allows us to quickly understand the specifications and requirements of our clients and deliver desired solution with quick turn around.

We have hands on project experience in various web related aspect like:

  • Online Strategy and Consultancy
  • Website Design, Flash and Web Media
  • Website Development, Web Software and Website Programming
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Upgradation, Integration, Maintenance and Support

As businesses find the need to be more competitive in local and global markets, RDA offers its high quality software development services to allow you, our customers to meet that need. We develop in various platforms and implement innovative technologies such as web app development using RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, mobile app development, GPS and SMS interfacing to name a few.

HR PayCheck

This HR & PayCheck Management Software built on the legal framework of Belize with Social Security & Labour policies.

An electronic payroll system was developed to allow easy management of employee salaries, wages, taxes, Social Security and other deductions.

historical data tracking

Report Generation


Multi Bank Support

The application makes processing payrolls fast and easy by the click of a button. Multiple reports including Payroll Report, Employee Pay Slips, Employee Transactions Report, Payroll Cash Breakdown Report, Yearly TD4 Income Tax Return, Monthly Statement of Social Security Contributions, Monthly PAYE Return as well as Annual Accumulator Reports, can be generated for quick view and/or documentation purposes.

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control and track any organization's asset , centralize listing and proper depreciation processes

Our FACTS software application was written to allow an easy way to control and track any organization's asset base with regards to centralizing a complete listing and also to provide a very quick and reliable way to maintain proper depreciation processes as required by standard accounting principles.

Tracking and depreciation

Multi Users

Credit or debit transactions

Grouping by location branch

The application contemplates fixed user defined parameters that reflect company policies which govern capitalization, financial year and grouped or segregated asset classification requirements. Application is written in Visual Basic and employs a Windows based Graphical User Interface with a MS Access database engine. F.A.C.T.S. supports multi user capabilities with 2 communication architectures, a Stand Alone installation or a Client Server installation.

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integrated point of sale, wholesale/retail inventory control, customer & credit management

Our POS software features integrated point of sale, wholesale/retail inventory control, customer & credit management. Much more than just simple POS Software, POS is an integrated business management system. An automated system designed for tracking products, customers' credit balances and cash flows of stores, supermarkets, boutiques, etc. The system is capable of handling both small and simple stand alone point of sale installations, as well as chain stores with vast client bases and servicing multiple terminal client installations in different stores on one central database.

Product Tracking

Inventory control

Mysql database Integration

Chain Stores Support

Customizable, scalable & tax compliant, it Integrates with Mysql database server which offers scalable and powerful processing power to small and large businesses alike.

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